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PowerWest Athletics Schedules & Fees

PowerWest Athletics 2024: Summer: July – August

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PowerWest Athletics

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Spring 2023 Schedule

PowerWest Athletics Fees & Rates

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Fees & Rates

Mena is professional, approachable, and an expert in the field of power skating.

My son has skated with Mena Westhaver for the past ten years. She coached him starting in Novice and continues to do so at the Jr A level. Mena has been instrumental in him achieving his goal of playing in the NCAA.

Mena is an elite skating instructor because she cares deeply for each participant she coaches. Mena pays close attention to all the details of each skaters technique and is able to gently correct bad habits and teach new skills.
Shelley Eddy

Pre-Season Training-Week 2-Summer 2022

Pre-Season Training-Week 1-Summer 2022

Sunset Skate Camps Summer 2022

Skating & Hockey School 2021

The best training for my boys!

PowerWest provides so many options for access to edge training for young, and not-so-young, with an incredible group of leaders that are knowledgeable, patient and kind. Both my teenage boys have had the opportunity to train with Mena since their early Novice years, this training was instrumental in my oldest making Junior at the early age of 16! And now, both my boys are also giving back and have become on ice coaches too! Mena teaches so much more than hockey, she teaches the importance of hard work, believing in oneself, caring for others and the importance of giving back. I can’t say enough about these great programs.
Angela Dibden