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with Mena Westhaver 

PowerWest Athletics offers skating programs, semi-private and private lessons all year around.  Please contact Mena directly at skatewithmena@telus.net for up to date information.  As programs are added and changing constantly, you can request to be put on her email list in which she sends out program information to on a weekly basis.  Thank you for your interest!

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‘Striding’ for Excellence since 1987I work with hockey players on the ice assisting them with their skating skill development.  My intention is to provide them the instruction to be the best skater they can be. The player applies the effort.  I created PowerWest Athletics (PWA) to provide an “arena” for hockey players seeking professional skating instruction. PWA “strides” for excellence on and off the ice.  Our values are based on qualities of honesty, integrity, and trust. 

Our mandate is to ensure that every player on the ice has the opportunity to reach his or her individual potential in a safe, challenging and motivating environment.  To provide constructive feedback and useful coaching techniques through strategically thought out lessons plans…and of course to always ensure FUN is a part of the play.  This is our main “goal” to score!

A bit about me…

I returned to the University of Victoria in 2014 to complete my Masters ~ it was a long-time goal of mine.  I want to post the “dedication” from my 220-page thesis on my website ~ it depicts a little bit about “who I am”.

~Coach Mena


I was raised in a rink.  It continues to be my place of solace; my first performance, my first job, and where I met my husband of 27 years.  Our boys are being raised in the rink.  As a family, we continue to work and play on the ice.

Everything I have done and continue to do has a component of physical activity intertwined within the process. My mind and my body have always been physically active and I hope that my four boys will forever be inspired by my actions.

Dear Marty, Andy, Jack, and Jake,

 I did not do this alone.  I asked for help.  I did not stop when I thought I was stuck.  I tried again.  I did not fear when I was lost.  I trusted. 

Boys, the world awaits your gifts.  My wish for you, is that you each find your ‘arena’ that brings you peace.  Then, open your gifts and share them wisely.  I love you to the moon and back.  Thank you for your patience.  Now, let’s go to the cabin.

This thesis was “rehearsed on the run, and written in the rink”.

Programs are now available for viewing and registration at http://www.westshorerecreation.ca/ search PowerWest Athletics. 

Spring 2021 Programs

Summer 2021 Programs

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