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With the challenges that many of us are faced every day… I stopped to think about what I CAN do. I have something I can share… I invite you to be a part!

A friend of mine recently set forth on a journey to raise $5000 for cancer research after discovering a co-worker had been diagnosed with breast cancer. He achieved is goal in 3 weeks! I was amazed! It made me stop to think about what we are blessed with being able to do and how we can share those talents and abilities with those needing a hand during a time of need.

I love kids… I love to coach… I contacted a friend of mine who has a passion to help others – especially children.

Together, Mena Westhaver of PowerWest Athletics & Reza Binab from the Victoria Grizzlies have created the Grizzlies ‘Cub’ Fund.

The Grizzlies ‘Cub’ Fund is a project that supports local Victoria families stricken with the devastation of a child in their family becoming ill or injured. We want to help make the unfortunate journey they are enduring a little lighter.

The Grizzlies ‘Cub’ Fund will be offering a number of opportunities for kids to ‘SKATE TO DONATE’. Mena will be offering skating sessions assisted by 4-6 Victoria Grizzlies Hockey Players on ice at Bear Mountain Arena. These classes will be very special… and separate from Mena’s skating business. ALL monies donated will go directly to help out our chosen Bear ‘Cub’ at that time. No ice fees, no instructor costs. A minimum donation amount will be asked of each participant; however, the maximum of what you choose to donate is up to you and confidential. When a milestone dollar amount is achieved… we will proudly present our chosen Bear ‘Cub’ a cheque to assist their family. This presentation may be public during a Grizzlies hockey game – this will be an option left up to the family of the Bear ‘Cub’.

There will be a number of bonuses that we will offer to the kids on ice that come to ‘skate to donate’. For further details please contact Mena at skatewithmena@telus.net or call 250-415-5983. Looking forward to sharing this adventure with you!

Thank you in advance…
Our first Cub Ella was presented a cheque of $5000.00 on December 30, 2007!

PowerWest Athletics is very proud of one of their favorite programs ~ Sole Sisters Victoria – a walk/run program for Women training for the 10k distance.   After the ‘birth’ of The Grizzlies Cub Fund in October 2007, when Power West Athletics joined forces with the Victoria Grizzlies… Mena wanted to find a way to raise money for children living with a life threatening illness off ice as well.  Motivated by women moving in the right direction, Quarters for Cubs was created!  Every walk or run achieved by a woman meant another quarter in the can!  The women moved for the kids while they were unable to do so.  Motivated to move for those that cannot… while we CAN!

WE supported Cub Charlotte in 2009 – $2500

…and when our own son was diagnosed with leukemia, the Sole Sister ran for Jack

In 2010, we were able to support two Cubs Angadh & Ashton – $1000 each

In 2011 – we are supporting Justin Plunkett – for more info, click here

In addition to Quarters for Cubs, we have organized two TEAM JACK marathon relays in 2009 and 2010 which raised $5,600 and $6,800 respectively; hosted two on ice fundraisers in December 2009 – which raised $1000 and then in December 2010 – we raised $2100 for Baby Molly!

Click here for a YouTube link to our 2010 TEAM JACK relay – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkFEC6HBFcA

Visit www.westhavers4kids.com for more info on fund raising events

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