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  • PowerWest Athletics coaches have been participants in PowerWest Athletics programs.  All instructors attend a mandatory 8-hour Instructors Training Course as a first time-coach.  Annually, coaches attend a mandatory 4-hour refresher program.  The PowerWest Athletics training opportunity covers the following information:
    • The vitality of leadership, mentorship, on ice safety, child protection practices, coaching techniques, and teaches the “PowerWest” way of bringing together many in movement on the ice in a safe, fun, motivating, challenging, and encouraging environment.
  • At present, I have 25 trained confident awesome people trained as PWA Coaches.

 History, Credentials and Certifications of PowerWest Athletics, head coach Mena Westhaver

  • Trained Figure Skater: GOLD Test Dance, 6th Figure (School Figures), Jr. Silver Free Skate, and Sr. Interpretive Test
  • Professional Show Skater with the Ice Capades, 1990-1991
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR Level C Certification with AED Training – current
  • NCCP Coaching Certification Level II Figure Skating Coach
  • Respect in Sport, since 2008 and required to be repeated every 2 years, British Columbia Amateur Hockey Association (BCAHA)
  • Speak Out Program (precluded Respect in Sport), 2004, 2006 (BCAHA)
  • Hybrid Coaching Certification Program, 2014 (BCAHA)
  • Initiation Hockey Coaching Certification Program, 2004 (BCAHA)
  • Concussion Awareness Training Tool Certification 2018 (CATT)
  • British Columbia Parks and Recreation Association (BCRPA) Level IV Trainer of Trainer Certified Fitness Instructor
    • Exercise to Music certified
    • Weight Room Instructor certified
    • I evaluate new up and coming BCRPA Fitness Leaders
  • Spin (Indoor Cycling) Certification
  • University of Victoria
    • Bachelor of Science, Major in Psychology, other area of study in health and wellness, graduated with Distinction, 1995
    • Masters of Science, Exercise Kinesiology, 2017
  • I have been coaching skating for 32 years and operating my business since 1992

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