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PowerWest Athletics

About PWA

The GOAL of PowerWest Athletics:

To provide the opportunity for every hockey player to reach his or her individual potential in a safe, inspiring, challenging, supportive, and enjoyable environment.  PowerWest Athletics is committed to going into “over-time” to ensure a realistic goal is achieved by every skater on the ice.  PowerWest Athletics provides technical skating skill instruction and hockey skill development for hockey players in a motivating, disciplined, safe, and fun environment.

Who do we skate with:

PowerWest Athletics (PWA) provides power skating programs to hockey players ages 4 years and older of all levels of abilities; beginners to professional hockey players.

PWA works with multiple Minor Hockey Associations (MHA), within a recreation department that provides skating services, with individual hockey teams as requested, and works directly with both a Junior B and Junior A Hockey Club.

  • West Shore Parks and Recreation Contract for Power Skating Services for both Juan de Fuca and the Q Centre since 2005
  • Skating Coach for the Victoria Grizzlies Junior A Hockey Club since 2006
  • Skating Coach for the Victoria Salsa Junior A Hockey Club 2003-2006
  • Skating Coach for the West Shore Wolves Junior B Hockey Club since 2017
  • Multiple Minor Hockey Associations (MHA) throughout Greater Victoria for their development on ice program options: Saanich MHA, Victoria MHA, Peninsula MHA, Juan de Fuca MHA, Sooke MHA, – various teams and development programs since 1996.
  • Capital Region Female Minor Hockey Association (CRFMHA)
  • Multiple MHA teams throughout Greater Victoria when requested

Why is PWA Unique in Providing Power Skating Services

  • High level of skating instruction competency
  • Competent, interactive, well trained coaches – All PWA Coaches participate in annual PWA Coaches Training (8 hours) (see our coaches tab)
  • Exceptional organization and customer service skills
  • We strive to ensure every child feels like a champion!
  • PWA Coaches learn every child’s name, give high fives at the door, and genuinely want to be there… why?  Because every PWA coach was once a PWA participant!  They acknowledge the value of the service, they experienced the growth of their skills, and they remember how much fun it was to be a part.
  • PWA trains participants to be awesome skaters but more importantly, participants to be exceptional people both on and off the ice.

This is important to me…

  • I am fueled by the energy, inspiration, and motivation of others.
  • My coaching crew and I, respect children and their innocence and desire to “have fun”. This is THEIR chosen sport… I want them to be passionate about the rink when they are my age and beyond.
  • I care about people. I want to give back.  Creating a safe place for kids, despite their level of play, physical ability, or family income is important to me.
  • The ice provided me the safety and securities I needed as child, as a teen, as an adult, as a parent, and it continues to be my place of peace.
  • Lastly, I feel very fortunate and I am eternally grateful for what I am able to provide.  I want to share it with others and foster the opportunity to be the best they can be, both on and off the ice.

I cannot possibility teach them all, but through him and her and them,

maybe I can skate forever…

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