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Power West Athletics
with Mena Westhaver, BSc.,
Professional Skating Instructor, NCCP Lvl II, BCRPA Lvl 4
‘Striding’ for Excellence since 1987


Motivating, challenging and FUN! PowerWest Athletic skating programs emphasize correct technical skating skills.  Experience the benefits of fewer kids & more instructors on full ice.

On ice sessions cover stride development, agility, speed, balance, quickness and readiness through the effectiveness of EDGES. Puck time and a mini hockey game are always included!   Full gear required.  Any questions please contact Mena directly at skatewithmena@telus.net.

 Click on this link to open a list of Spring Programs  ===> Spring 2020 on ICE with Mena, PowerWest Athletics


Program Structure and Details Provided by PWA

Our current structure of programs takes into consideration the age of the participant, the ice allocation (space on ice) and the length of the program.

PWA programs emphasize correct technical skating skills including stride

development, agility, speed, balance, quickness and readiness through the effective use of edges.  Our programs are unique in their program format, have a

low ratio of instructor to participants, and are well known and respected in the hockey community for professional skating instruction.  Our programs provide an environment that is supportive, motivating, and fun.

Programs offered through PWA:

 One-Timer Programs – These programs are offered as a “one-off” opportunity.  For example:  Offered during professional development days for children when they are on non-instructional days and not in school.

Program age:  5-12 years

Program cost:  $25 per 80-minute ice slot

Power Skating Programs

These programs are offered over a set period of time.  For example: 8 consecutive weeks in a row OR 5 days in a row during 1 week of summer camp.  These programs combine a skating warm-up (in an obstacle format for the younger kids) ensuring a safe warm-up with large range of motion muscular exercises, end to end skating skills and edge work, station work that includes skating with and without a puck, and we always end with a mini scrimmage/hockey game (5 minutes in length).  Adaptations are made to accommodate the specific division of players we are working with.

Program age:  Offered within minor hockey association division for example:  Novice, Atom, Pee Wee, Bantam, Midget-Junior and to an adult population (19 years +)

Program cost:  Varies depending on how many classes are included in the lesson set.  Typically, it works out to be $25-$30 per class.

Serious About Skating – These programs are offered on an ongoing weekly basis for hockey players of all levels who want to focus on edge work with skating progression that challenges them consistently to the next level.  Regardless, we always end with a few minutes with pucks.  Because this program also catered to Junior level hockey players needing to improve their skating skills, it is a great opportunity for them to assist in hockey skill demonstrations at the end of the program.

Program age:  13-20 years

Program cost:  $30 per class or participants can drop-in at $40 per session

Open Ice Skates – This program provides your “one-stop-shop” to training for hockey players.  Participants attend a 100-minute ice session that includes a minimum 30-minute semi-private skating lesson (up to 6 kids), a 45-minute hockey practice, and then scrimmage for the remainder of the time.  Every station has multiple coaches and ice usage is maximized while a team of coaches remains working within one station and 1/3 section of the ice.  This provides the participants multiple skill set opportunities, diversity in coaching exposure, and limits the possibility of “getting bored”.

Program age:  All ages

Program cost:  $45 per session or 5/$205

Edge Classes – The concept of this class is to focus on proper foot release (how the blade leaves the ice), transitions (mohawks, 3-turns, pivots etc.), balance, core engagement, miniature figure eights, and power building exercises all moving across the width of the ice.  This opportunity provides skaters a designated line to work on providing a safe environment for participants of all ages and sizes to join in.  It has strengthened the notion that “every level of player needs to learn the same skating skills” and provides an inter-generational platform for skaters of multiple levels to be on the ice at the same time.  This unique program eliminates stigmas between divisions and promotes respect “up and down”.

Program age:  All ages

Program cost:  $25 per session when you purchase a series or $35 per drop-in

Mini Hockey – This program has been a staple of PWA for years providing young children the opportunity to have a taste of everything: 20-minute skating lesson, 20 minutes of hockey skills, and 10-minute scrimmage.

Program age:  4-6 years

Program cost:  $15 per mini session😊

Week Long Camps (Summer, Spring Break, Christmas Break) – PWA has provided many different types of camps in the past.  Our popular Week Long Summer Camp looks like this:

Camps include an 80-minute power skating session, a supervised dryland session (players Bantam age and up) are led by a certified British Columbian Recreation Parks Association (BCRPA) Trainer, players return to the ice for a 60-minute hockey skills practice, the day ends with a second dryland session.  Atom and Pee Wee players participate in interactive games and enjoy a daily swim while the Bantam and Midget players expand their dry land training outside of the weight room and enjoy an indoor cycling class, yoga, Pilates, nutrition/hydration, core work, and stretching.

Program age:  Atom-Pee Wee age (9-12), Bantam-Midget age (13-17)

Program cost:  $399/week

Semi-Private and Private Lessons – These opportunities are provided as needed and requested.  Due to the value of ice time, PWA provides private and semi-private lessons during already scheduled ice sessions for example: an experienced and trained PWA Coach may be conducting a semi-private or private lesson in a designated portion of the ice concurrently with a registered group lesson.

Program age:  All ages

Program cost:  $60 per 30-minute private lesson, $85 per 45-minute ice time and $110 per one-hour private lesson

Semi-private lessons up to 5 skaters per lesson follow this fee structure:  $40 per skater for 30 minutes, $60 for up to one hour (45-60 minutes to accommodate the 50-minute ice time).

Team Practices – Mena works with hockey teams of all levels of play and can provide a basic overview of skating skill instruction, a series of practices or a specific teaching session.  Please contact Mena directly through email at skatewithmena@telus.net or text/call her at 250-415-5983.

Program cost:  $175-$250 per session depending on session details.

Association Mentorship – Minor Hockey Associations request my assistance in providing “skating training information” for their coaching membership.  These programs are held on and off ice with the intention of instilling confidence and knowledge in your coaching team.  Please contact Mena directly through email at skatewithmena@telus.net or text/call her at 250-415-5983.

Program cost:  Dependent on time/details.  Base rate is $500 per course based on a 2-hour minimum.

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